GitHub launches Copilot Enterprise, costs $20/month more than Copilot Business plan

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GitHub has released a new, pricier version of its AI-powered coding tool, Copilot Enterprise. This new version costs $39 per user per month and is designed to help new engineers get up to speed and enable veteran coders to work faster.

Copilot Enterprise includes AI chat feature that can answer questions based on a company’s programming code. This can help engineers resolve issues, modernize programs, and more.

Hence, it consists of the following:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your organization’s codebase: Copilot Enterprise helps developers navigate and understand code more easily, which can lead to faster feature implementation, bug resolution, and code modernization.
  • Quickly access organizational knowledge and best practices: Integrates chat directly into, allowing developers to ask questions about code and receive answers in natural language. It can also guide them to relevant documentation or existing solutions.
  • Review pull requests faster: It can generate summaries of pull requests and analyze differences, which can help reviewers understand changes more quickly and spend more time providing valuable feedback.

In the coming months, GitHub will also allow engineers to use their employer’s codebase to help autocomplete programs they’re working on. This could be especially useful for companies with in-house programming languages ​​or specific internal practices.

GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke said that Copilot Enterprise can help new engineers learn the ropes at a new company, as “a lot of things when you join a big corporation are quite different to how you learned it in your previous job.” Copilot Enterprise can help veteran coders work faster by answering questions and completing code.

Microsoft has been touting the successful adoption of Copilot and has used the product as a template for overhauling its products around similar technology and concepts.

GitHub charges $19 monthly per user for a more basic Copilot Business plan with 50,000 enterprise customers.

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