Lincoln business owner frustrated at city’s ‘Glory Hole’ closure

A business owner in Lincoln is calling for quicker action following the closure of the city’s ‘Glory Hole’ walkway.

There was a partial collapse of the footway between Wigwford Way and the High Street in February 2023 which resulted in Lincolnshire County Council closing it for temporary repairs. Further investigations found there was more damage and extra work would be required.

Roger Baldam-Lucas, owner of the Now Hair by the Glory Hole footway, said he has had to move to a temporary location.

“It’s a huge inconvenience,” he said.

“We had to shut this down and let our customer base know and redirect because they couldn’t come through here. We’ve not got any passing trade which has impacted our footfall.

“Costs are going up constantly with the business and if there is no money coming in then we’ll have to close our doors.”

The owner of Now Hair salon says his business has been impacted Credits: ITV Calendar

Lincolnshire County Council says there needs to be more extensive work before the footway can reopen.

In a statement it said: “We’ve had to deal with several external agencies. And dealing with each takes time on their part. In addition, we have had to overcome difficult access at the site and have been innovative with the design solution to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

“We’ve recently made preparations on-site, including removing slabs, concrete fill and rotten timbers, and are mobilizing a floating pontoon so we can safely rebuild Glory Hole. However, we are subject to restrictions on the River Witham regarding fast flowing water following the recent weather changes. Only then will we be ready to start the repairs, which could take up to five weeks.

“Until it’s fully repaired, the current pedestrian diversion will remain in place at the Glory Hole.”

The historic public right of way is attached to a Grade II listed building which is hard to reach and sits on the bank of a live river in constant use by boating traffic.