Maybank Finance Pockets Profit of IDR 443.79 Billion in 2023

Insurance Media, JAKARTA – Financing company PT Maybank Indonesia Finance (Maybank Finance) recorded a net profit throughout 2023 of IDR 443.79 billion or a slight increase of 0.68% compared to the profit achieved in 2022 of IDR 440.46 billion.

Based on the company’s audited financial report as of 31 December 2023 quoted on Tuesday, 27 February 2024, the increase in net profit is in line with revenue growth in 2023 from IDR 1.04 trillion to IDR 1.10 trillion. Meanwhile, the company’s total expenses were also recorded to have increased by IDR 469.78 billion from 2022 to IDR 528.03 billion.

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As of December 31 2023, Maybank Finance recorded total assets of IDR 8.08 trillion or an increase compared to the position as of December 31 2022 of IDR 7.36 trillion. Meanwhile, total liabilities recorded in 2023 reached IDR 4.38 trillion or an increase compared to the position on December 31 2022 of IDR 3.92 trillion.

Editor: Ahmad Aris