Small Business Owners Should Learn to Embrace Failure – Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather | Indiana Traffic

Business and leadership coach Andrea Liebross wants entrepreneurs and small-business owners to learn to embrace failure.

Liebross, the author of She Thinks Big, encourages business owners to make a list of 25 things they are willing to fail each year. “You have to be willing to fail at something in order to achieve it,” she says. In addition to making yourself vulnerable and having difficult conversations, Liebross failure is one of the best learning tools for a small business owner.

From hiring someone who may not be a perfect fit for your company to creating a lofty financial goal, Liebross’s failure goals can acclimate your mind to a culture of reaching for the impossible. Even if it is just for fun, she tells business owners that learning to embrace failure is a muscle that needs to be exercised.

Liebross encourages entrepreneurs to have a strong support system so that when failure happens, they have a team of experts from different fields who can help them learn exactly why they failed and how to avoid it from happening again. Liebross says it’s important to have a diverse roster on your support team, from marketing experts to legal advisors.