The Drum Awards for B2B 2023: why emotional impact works in business marketing

The Drum Awards for B2B 2023, supported by LinkedIn, illustrates the power of emotion and creative excellence in driving business performance. Here, we spotlight those brands leading the pack.

Creativity in B2B marketing has reached a high point. In recent years, The Drum Awards for B2B highlighted the best of the best and this year’s entries and winners took things to a new level, combining emotional impact with clear, demonstrable response.

Keith Browning, director of global brand marketing at LinkedIn, who was part of the judging panel, said: “The data is clear: powerful creative drives 10 to 20x more sales than mediocre creative. I was heartened to find powerful creative was at the center of many of the top scoring entries this year. Northrop Grumman for their use of humor to break down stereotypes or SEMRush for subverting category norms with an emotional storytelling approach. It was my pleasure to recognize and celebrate the B2B marketing teams that brought this to life .”

Among the winning entries, it was encouraging to see the leadership from the top levels of businesses, supporting their marketing chiefs with absolute commitment. KPMG’s newest campaign, for example, drew attention with its refreshing and humorous approach.

50+ Must-Know Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2024 [Updated]

If you’re trying to improve your social media marketing strategy, understanding key industry statistics is the perfect starting point.

Social media statistics give you valuable insight into who your audience is, their interests and habits, as well as the state of the industry as a whole. This data helps you tailor your marketing strategies to boost engagement and ROI.

Stats can also help you benchmark your own performance within your industry and even uncover new opportunities.

Use the social media marketing statistics below to guide your presence in 2024 and beyond.

Social media usage statistics

It’s no secret that we’re all glued to social media (my screen time data supports this). To get a better idea of  how glued users are, let’s look at some social media usage statistics.

Below is a quick snapshot of how social media demographics and usage are changing, which networks are winning and how hooked consumers are on social.

  1. In 2024, there are estimated to be 5.17 billion total social media users worldwide.
  2. The average person uses 6.7 different social networks per month.
  3. The amount of time internet users spend on social media declined slightly to 143 minutes per day.
  4. TikTok is the fastest-growing platform

Accenture to Acquire Jixie’s Intelligent Digital Marketing Platform and Business in Indonesia

Headquartered in Singapore with a focus on servicing clients in Indonesia, Jixie offers a comprehensive suite of monetization and marketing growth tools. Its platform is a robust advertising ecosystem that connects publishers and brand owners with the ability to co-create solutions through reliable customer insights. This transforms marketing from a fragmented process with limited control into a strategic priority, amplifying simplicity while safeguarding brand safety, consumer data and privacy.

The integration of Jixie’s platform into Accenture Song’s marketing capabilities will help clients optimize customer data effectively and efficiently into actionable insights, regaining the control, speed and trust needed to securely capitalize on Indonesia’s fast-growing digital economy that’s projected to reach US$146 billion by 2025 before growing eightfold by 2030.

Jixie’s intelligent digital marketing platform will boost Accenture Song’s marketing transformation capabilities and resources in Indonesia

Jayant Bhargava, country managing director, Indonesia, at Accenture, said: “The convergence of marketing, data science and technology creates opportunities for businesses to redefine their customer engagement model. Jixie’s intelligent digital marketing solutions complement our technology expertise, providing a winning proposition for businesses to bring a higher level of personalization and effectiveness to their marketing efforts. This acquisition will allow us to better serve our clients