HMP ISTAZ Replaces Gresik to Hold National Level Business Plan Competition

By : Sofia Masulah (Secretary of HMP Ekyar ISTAZ Gresik) – The National Level Business Plan Competition held by the Al-Azhar Menganti Gresik Institute Sharia Economics Study Program Student Association is an important highlight in the student activity calendar. Starting from January until the prize handing ceremony to the winners on March 7 2024, this activity is part of a series of work programs of the Student Resources Department. The theme “The Potential of the Millennial Generation in Increasing Business Creativity in the Digital Economy Era” was chosen to explore the capabilities of the millennial generation in facing developments in technology and the digital economy.

Registration, which was open from January 30 to February 18 2024, received an extraordinary response from the enthusiastic millennial generation. After a strict selection, five finalists with the best business proposals were determined on February 23 2024, who came from various universities in Indonesia. The finalists are Aditya Bayu and Anggraini from UIN Sunan Gunung Jati Bandung, Ni Komang Devi and Ni Luh Dewi from Denpasar Open University, Abbas and Bagus Samsul from Telkom University Bandung, Mahdaviqia Dharmawan and Nabila Khaerunisah from Sebelas Maret University, M. Khoirul and Ranjiv Sihombing from Brawijaya University. The