Southern Water submits record £7.8 billion Business Plan to Ofwat

In April we set out on our Turnaround Plan to deliver short, sharp improvements in our operational performance by 2025. This was supported by significant new investment from our shareholders of £1.6 billion since 2021, who have not received a dividend since 2017. We are on track to deliver this in line with our aspirations.

Today, our proposed Business Plan (Price Review 24) for the 2025-30 regulatory period sets an ambition beyond anything attempted by the company before. It will deliver major improvements in water resilience, wastewater treatment, and customer service, as well as enhancement and protection of our precious environment. To deliver this major and ambitious plan, our customer bills will increase to pay for this future investment.

A record £7.8 billion has been outlined to deliver these benefits and address the challenges, creating an estimated 5,000 jobs across the region and representing around £3500 per household. The issues we are tackling are long term, so this Business Plan is the first major step in our longer-term strategy to 2050.

This includes the single largest investment made to date of £3.3 billion in improving our environment, which will see us reduce our impact on rivers by cutting the amount

JAS turns focus to expansion of business plan

FULTON…as we move forward, what people can therefore expect to see is a new JAS…one that will become more involved in business

US the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) continues to await changes across its entire operation in the coming months, a revitalized entity propelled by an expanded business plan is being cited by its current leadership among the measures set to take root.

JAS President Lenworth Fulton, speaking at a recent time Jamaica Observer Business Forum, said that with the entity now undergoing a transition, this will see it in the near future emerging as a new body powered by refreshed leadership supported by additional sources of funding.

“One of the immediate transitional outputs is a new organogram [organisational structure] and business plan which we are now developing. As soon as we have both ready, we will see how best we can get things moving,” he told journalists.

“As we move forward, what people can therefore expect to see is a new JAS…one that will become more involved in business — currently most of our officers are involved in project work and I don’t think that is the right fit for the JAS at this time, as this is an