Keys to Running a Profitable Small Business: Successful Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs and small-business owners have shown, a traditional business or finance background isn’t a prerequisite for success.

Cosmetologist Martha Ellen Mabry, who skipped college to move to New York City and cut hair, admits that she “was not prepared” when she launched her first salon out of a basement at age 21. The owner of two bustling Brooklyn locations told Business Insider : “I didn’t go to business school. But I did know hair.”

A couple who perfected a flour tortilla recipe out of their kitchen turned a pop-up breakfast taco side project into a thriving brick-and-mortar that has a line out the door more often than not.

“I think we both have strong entrepreneurial instincts, but we don’t come from a finance or a business background,” said La Tejana cofounder Gus May. He worked in the food and beverage industry for years and got laid off at the start of the pandemic, while his wife Ana-Maria Jaramillo is a full-time pediatric speech-language pathologist.

Each of these entrepreneurs has evolved alongside their businesses and become more and more business savvy through trial and error. Still, they credit some non-business-related strategies and mindsets to their success. Here are three.


350 events nationwide for Local Enterprise Week

Local Enterprise Week kicks off today with events being held around the country until March 8.

The initiative of the Local Enterprise Offices will see over 350 events take place across the country, which are open to everyone at any stage of business.

There are events for every element of business from improving online marketing and finding new markets to becoming more sustainable and identifying the trends that will affect businesses in the coming years and beyond.

Some of the events include a Pitch Battle for funding, networking with cocktails, a Pier-to-Pier networking walk and a host of AI events to benefit businesses.

Along with the events across the country there are two national spotlight events that will be streamed live during the week and are open to everyone.

The first of these “Understanding and leveraging future trends for your business” looks at the key global trends in the short term and in the next decade to help businesses plan and maximize opportunities around these trends.

This will take place on Wednesday March 6 from 2pm to 4pm.

The second National Spotlight event “The sustainability imperative for your business success” will look at how small business changes can make a