How ChatGPT is impacting digital marketing? – Brand Wagon News

By Saurav Agarwal

The influence of artificial intelligence has proven to be a transformative force, redefining the boundaries of what is possible in the world of digital marketing. Among the many innovative tools that have emerged today, ChatGPT stands as an innovation, reshaping the way marketers approach their strategies. The world of marketing has experienced a paradigm shift. With a greater number of consumers every day replying on digital platforms for information, entertainment and commerce, marketers are beginning to face the challenge of staying relevant in this dynamic environment.

Beyond the headlines let us now understand how ChatGPT is leaving its impact on the world of digital marketing.

Streamlined Research

Imagine the effort that goes into scanning numerous sources for relevant information, in this vast expansion of the internet. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. And even though ChatGPT is not yet perfect in this scenario, it acts as a magnet, extracting the needle from the digital haystack.

When marketers ask questions to ChatGPT they feel like they are having a conversation with an ever-informed colleague who is not just an intern. These AI tools provide relevant insights, saving valuable time and setting the stage for quicker action.

Marketing moments to watch in 2024 (according to marketers)

If 2023 is all about AI, what will come to define the year ahead? We asked leading marketers for their moments to watch in 2024.

2023’s ‘The Year Of’ medal goes to AI (with honorable mentions for Barbenheimer and Ariana DeBose). In a year’s time, what will we be saying determined 2024?

The smart money’s probably on ‘AI, again’. But if not that, what? We asked a raft of smart marketers from The Drum Network whose moments they’re keeping their eyes peeled for this year – across politics, sport, tech, and culture. Some are pretty set in stone, like the Paris Olympics. Others are a little less definite. Either way, they’re predicting big things.


Nick Graham, senior Consultant, strategy, Kepler: the United Kingdom general election (expected November)

Buckle up for a media maelstrom in late 2024! The UK election will ignite demand for local news, while hyperlocal CTV will emerge as a game-changer. Navigating misinformation will be crucial, with deepfakes emerging as the new threat. Brands must clarify their values ​​and messaging; consumer trust rides on it. Prepare for heightened emotions around social and environmental issues, and the need to tailor brand communications accordingly. Get ready for a dynamic,