Marketing campaign boosts McDonald’s traffic in quarter

CHICAGO — A recent McDonald’s marketing campaign involving Grimace, the fast-food chain’s decades-old, fuzzy purple mascot, spun into a “viral phenomenon” contributing to double-digit comparable sales growth in the United States during the latest quarter, executives said.

A key part of the promotion, a limited-edition purple milkshake, sparked a TikTok trend notching several billion views, said Christopher J. Kempczinski, president and chief executive officer of Chicago-based McDonald’s Corp.

“We took the nostalgic experience of celebrating birthdays at McDonald’s and repackaged it for a new generation with none other than Grimace at the center,” added Ian F. Borden, global chief financial officer, during a July 27 earnings call with securities analysts. “It quickly became one of our most socially engaging campaigns of all time with millions of reactions on our social media posts, a true demonstration of how the power of our brand emerges in organic and creative ways in our fans.”

Net income for the second quarter ended June 30 increased 94% to $2.31 billion, equal to $3.15 per share on the common stock, from $1.19 billion, or $1.60 per share, in the year-ago period. Results in the current quarter included pre-tax restructuring charges of $18 million, while results in

Accenture to Acquire Jixie’s Intelligent Digital Marketing Platform and Business in Indonesia

Headquartered in Singapore with a focus on servicing clients in Indonesia, Jixie offers a comprehensive suite of monetization and marketing growth tools. Its platform is a robust advertising ecosystem that connects publishers and brand owners with the ability to co-create solutions through reliable customer insights. This transforms marketing from a fragmented process with limited control into a strategic priority, amplifying simplicity while safeguarding brand safety, consumer data and privacy.

The integration of Jixie’s platform into Accenture Song’s marketing capabilities will help clients optimize customer data effectively and efficiently into actionable insights, regaining the control, speed and trust needed to securely capitalize on Indonesia’s fast-growing digital economy that’s projected to reach US$146 billion by 2025 before growing eightfold by 2030.

Jixie’s intelligent digital marketing platform will boost Accenture Song’s marketing transformation capabilities and resources in Indonesia

Jayant Bhargava, country managing director, Indonesia, at Accenture, said: “The convergence of marketing, data science and technology creates opportunities for businesses to redefine their customer engagement model. Jixie’s intelligent digital marketing solutions complement our technology expertise, providing a winning proposition for businesses to bring a higher level of personalization and effectiveness to their marketing efforts. This acquisition will allow us to better serve our clients